Thaao Penghlis about Leann (1983):
"Leann exudes a very likeable, calming aura in our scenes together and that's a wonderful feeling. Acting is a lot like playing ball. You toss the ball to the other actor. A lot of actors miss the pitch entirely. Most of them are content to catch it. Leann not only catches the ball, she throws it right back."

Thaao Penghlis (1986):
"Leann has absolutely no negativity. She has an innocence that hasn't been tampered with. Once we had a bedroom scene and I tricked her into thinking I had no drawers on. I jumped on top of her and she screamed and screamed. Leann is very shy."

Thaao Penghlis about Leann and Anna DiMera (1990):
"I think in a sense Anna was dream-like. Leann Hunley has an amazing soul. You never hear anything detrimental from Leann. If there is something coming from her mouth, it will be humor. We can still look at each other and have tears in our eyes. As much as she was mischievous on "Days of our Lives", I felt she brought those qualities to Anna DiMera. She’s poignant. She knows how to make an entrance. She knows how to make a man---when he’s taking her for granted---
re-experience her. She has a wonderful, mysterious quality as an actress and a person. I was just blessed that they brought a woman for me on the show that, still today, is one of my favorite human beings.
I miss her."

Thaao Penghlis (2008):
"There is a special kind of connection that I have with Leann. She's one of the great spirits that I've ever known in my life. There's no hidden stuff in her closet that is ugly. She is who she is, something kind of wonderful."








Gordon Thomson about Leann (1986):
"She has an open, vulnerable quality that no one else has on Dynasty."

Gordon Thomson (1989):
"I had the most beautiful girl in television as my wife, Leann Hunley, that glorious blonde woman. We were having a wonderful time."

Gordon Thomson (2009):
"Leann was a miracle of sweetness and radiance and just plain gorgeous. She was wonderful. Funny and real and emotional and pathetic and empathetic, she was just spectacular. And she still is breathtaking."










Arleen Sorkin about Leann:
"Leann came over to me during my first day on the set. I thought she was going to give me some piece of acting advice. Instead she just wanted to remind me "Always bring a sweater. It gets really cold out here on the set sometimes." Leann always took care of all of us, right to the point of knowing our lines and camera blocking for us when we forgot them."






Molly Burnett (2010):
Q: "What are some actresses that you look up to or have inspired you?"
A: "... I look up to Suzanne Rogers so much, and Louise Sorel and Crystal Chappell, and Kristian Alfonso and Leann Hunley.
I mean all the women of "Days" are just powerhouse talents and it's such a gift to get to work with them."

Molly Burnett Interview



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