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Carina and Friends....
I just wanted to check in and say thank you for all your hard work on this site and on my behalf. I worked last week on Days, so you'll see a bit of me in the middle of September. I've had a wonderful time working and laughing with some of my 'old' friends on the set.
Again, I want you to know that I'm very grateful for your continued advocacy in securing a permanent position for me on the show. Who knows......?
Sorry if I repeat myself, but thanks again.... Leann



Everyone, I'm home today studying for work on 'Days' tomorrow and thought I'd check in on the website. Wow! I don't know how you find some of these old photos and articles, but it sure has made for a lovely walk down memory lane for me! And, last night was also a visit to the past when Thaao and I were treated to dinner at John Delancie's (Eugene-DOOL) home with his wife, Marnie.
Lots of laughs and reminiscences from the old "Days".
Hope you're enjoying the show these days...thanks again...Leann




Good Morning Everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but I couldn't get in for some time. Maybe this will get through. Thank you, everyone, for your sweet and very flattering comments.... I truly am flattered and most grateful for your continuing support. I was at the 'Day of Days' event yesterday at Universal Studios and got a chance to meet Dama, who brought greetings from Marianne and a present! It was a wonderful bag of goodies from my home-state of Washington....
I shared some of the treats with my castmates while we waited out the rain. Kristian especially liked the taffy! It was so unfortunate that the rain spoiled some of the planned events.... I was looking forward to the look-alike contest...wanted to see who looked most like me! Anyway, for those of you who came, THANK YOU for braving the weather and hanging in there with us. And thank you, Dama, for the lovely gift. I hope the next time the weather will cooperate.
Again, THANK YOU!!!! Love & Laughs...... Leann





Hello Darlings! I worked my last day on 'Days' today and had a good cry over Tony. I got to take my anguish out on Stephano....Hah! Anyway, THANK YOU for all your sweet wishes and support over the last year and a half. I had a wonderful time bringing Anna back to life and will miss 'her' more than just a little. Thank you also for the LOVELY basket of pampering treats...I'm going to take a very long bath...not that I didn't have a really long bath at the DiMera mansion for months on end!
I read your letter, Dama, and you asked if I could pass Thaao's present on to him, but I didn't see it or know anything about it while I was at the studio....I'm sorry, I would have been very happy to do so. I also didn't receive the other birthday gift you referred to in your letter. I will try to find out what happened to it. It was so thoughtful of you all to think of me on my birthday and thank you for all your happy wishes. I feel very blessed to have had you all in my corner. To Marianne and all the Hoochies (you know who you are).....

Love, love...Leann



Hello Darlings! Just a quick note to tell you how much you brighten my spirits with your lovely letters. Yes, I am heading to New York next week to film Law & Order SVU. I have a small but key role in the episode. I'm looking forward to spending time in the 'big city' and will try to check in here when I have finished...that is if I have anything interesting to report! Hope you are all well.... Leann



Darling Divas! What fun it was to chat with some of you yesterday! And, I want to let you know that I managed to get the DVD to play on my own computer. I don't know why it wouldn't work on Thaao's, but it may be that he doesn't have the right program on his computer to run it. Anyway, it was so lovely to see some of you in person and I thank you again for your positive and supportive thoughts for me. It is a DVD that I will treasure. I know you worked so hard, Leigh & Beatrice, and I thank you for giving me a glimpse of all the "Divas' lives. I wish I could have seen the DVD you made for Thaao, but maybe we'll figure it out later.
Until our next chat, God Bless.... Leann




Darling Divas!
Thank you so much for watching Law & Order SVU and for your continued support and enthusiastic responses. You inspire me! I'm also very impressed with the new website...again, Thank You!
Love, Leann



Good Morning, Darling Divas!
Just popping in to say hello and thank you for all your wonderful support of Anna's return. I'm having fun stirring up a bit of trouble in Salem again! Wish I could tell what is going to happen, but as I said during the chat with Thaao, you don't want to read the last page of the book before you read the first chapter do you? I hope you enjoy the intrigue.
Happy New Year to you all!
Love, Leann




I tried to post this yesterday, but the Guestbook site said it was in the middle of being updated. Anyway....... Happy Birthday, Leigh!
A little birdie (in a Christmas card) told me that today was your birthday and I just wanted to send you good wishes for a special and wonderful day!
Love, Leann



Good Morning Divas!
I know this is very late notice, but I'm doing a radio show this morning from 11:00AM to noon. If you are interested in listening, you can find it
www.1260.am or KGIL AM Radio 1260 on the dial.
The interview is with Joe Sutton, The Heart of Hollywood.
Hope you have a lovely day!




Morning, Divas!
I have a little bit of news to report. I filmed an episode of N.C.I.S. last week. Once again, it's a very small but integral role for this episode so I was very happy to be a part of it. There is an article in TV Guide this week concerning the show. You can find it on the at: tvguidemagazine.com/soaps/page-1/ if you are interested.
Hope you're having a lovely day.... Leann



Hello Divas!
I just got back from spending a couple of weeks in Washington visiting my Mom and other family members.
Thanks for continuing to tune in and follow Anna's trials and tribulations!
I wanted to give you all a heads-up to watch the show on Monday, April 19th.
I won't be in that episode but my real-life cousin, Blake Reed, is doing a guest spot that day. He plays a handsome fellow who is interested in buying the Cheatin' Heart from Adrienne, so you'll see him working with Judi Evans. If you like him, let us know.
Thanks again, and have a wonderful week!





You must think I am the most thoughtless and ungrateful Diva for not thanking you for all the wonderful birthday goodies you sent me. I honestly just got them from Thaao a couple of days ago. Every time I saw him, he forgot to pass them on to me, but I’ve got them now. Thank you so much for thinking of me and I will think of you all when I gaze upon the pink teddy bear & kitten figurines, drink the wine & tea, lather myself in the soap & lotions and go shopping at Starbucks, Vicky’s & Nordstrom!

Thank you, also, for the lovely birthday cards…..makes getting older not feel so depressing! I’m toasting you right now with tea & chocolates!
God Bless & Love,


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