A Definition:

"An Angel.
One of Sheer Perfection.
Perfection Personified.
Unrivaled Beauty.
A one having a Commanding Pressence.
One Devoid of Flaws.
The most Magnificent Creature
crafted by God."

Enough said? :o)




Well, how about a more detailed biography?

Leann Hunley, a Daytime Emmy Award winning actress, is best known for her roles as Anna DiMera on NBC’s “Days of our Lives” and Dana Carrington on ABC's hit show "Dynasty".


Leann was born on February 25, 1955 in Forks, Washington to Hollum and
Ellen Hunley, a commercial fisherman and a beautician.
Leann is the youngest of four children (1 brother, 2 sisters).
"I grew up in a little tiny town. We all entertained each other and played instruments and sang. It was a lovely,
idyllic life, where the doors are always open and it's raining every day of your life. But I love rain for that reason.
Simple things like rain make me happy."

"I always say it was a good thing my career found me because I certainly wasn't looking for it."




In her earliest years, Leann spent a lot of time with her mom in the beauty salon. "I was raised in a beauty shop. Other people had dolls and I had a Gloria Doll beauty head. You know, one of those full-size heads with hair, which I would shampoo over and over, and my mother would let me then curl it and set it in rollers."
As well as with her dad out at sea. "When you're 12 years old you don't care much about things like going out
to sea a couple of weeks at a time, but now, I don't know if there's anyone on this earth who could get me to catch, clean, and ice fish for two hours, let alone two weeks. Although at the time it was very adventurous and exciting."




Leann attended the University of Washington in Seattle and worked part-time as a secretary at the Chinese Consulate and as an answering-service operator.
"I'm not one of those people who always wanted to be an actress. I'd appeared in school plays and musicals like "Fiddler On The Roof" and "The Music Man" but public speaking made me a nervous wreck."

In 1977 Leann dropped out of college because she couldn't find a major that engaged her interest. "I never aspired to be anything, really. It never occurred to me to be an actress or think about any type of career. In school I just wanted to be a good student and have everybody like me."





Being tired of the cold weather Leann moved to Oahu with one of her best friends. Realizing she needed a job to support herself, she went to a modeling agency because she had some pictures taken in Seattle. They signed her up for the Miss Hawaii contest. She came in as only second runner-up and won the Best Smile Award. She also got a chance to read for "Hawaii Five-0". "I still wasn't all that interested in becoming an actress, but the role I was up for was a secretary and that's what I was at the time. In a way, I think my lack of interest helped me because I realized that if I didn't get it, I'd still be okay because I had nothing to lose."
Her read was a success and she got the role.
"My first scene was with Jean Simmons and I was sitting at the desk looking like a secretary, and I looked
right at the camera and said my line "Hi, how are you?". And they said, "Cut! You don't look in the camera."
I was like: "You don't?" because that's all I ever knew how to do was look into the camera at a photographer. It
was so funny."






Shortly after, Leann ran into a producer who said he might be able to help her with her career and that she should look him up in Los Angeles. At first, she didn't take him seriously, but 6 months later while in LA for the Huskies' first Rose Bowl, she called him. He helped her to land some small roles, signing a contract with Universal and Leann worked with several acting coaches.
She appeared on various television series such as "Battlestar Galactica" (1978) and "B.J. and the Bear" (1979).
She also got a role on her favorite series "The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo" (1979 - 1980) - starring Claude Akins - becoming a reoccurring character.








While working on her career, Leann also found a husband. After a long-distance courtship, - "He lived in Montana, I lived in Los Angeles. We spent a lot of times in planes." - she married real estate developer, William Sheridan on May 10, 1980 in Seattle, then settled down in Los Angeles.





Two years later in 1982, Leann landed the part of Anna Fredericks Brady DiMera on the NBC Soap "Days of our Lives". Some actors may moan about a job in Daytime TV – but not Leann. "You're getting paid to learn, you're thinking on your feet every day, and you do every range of emotion possible. It's like being in an acting class day after day, with not a week apart."

She stayed on the show for 4 years portraying one part of the popular supercouple TANNA (Tony & Anna) aside Thaao Penghlis' Tony. Thaao and Leann have performed several notable scenes while on “Days of our Lives”, for example, the first bathtub and shower scene in daytime.










Leann’s success as Anna led to other roles on TV such as "Airwolf" (1984) and "Knight Rider" (1986).
While on "Days", she also appeared in Ford's 1983 commercial,
"Mustang Sally".

In 1986, Leann won a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Anna DiMera. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend the award show, because of a scheduling conflict filming "Hotel" (1986).
"I didn’t get to go. I had quit Days just around ceremony time, and since I wasn’t sure when I’d work again I
took a job on “Hotel”. Since the Emmys were being held in New York back then, I opted to work instead of attending the ceremony."
During this time, Leann was also nominated for a Soap Opera Digest Award for an Outstanding Comic Relief Role on
a daytime show.

Upon exiting "Days of our Lives", Leann's career continued to flourish in nighttime television and film.






Dynasty (1986-1988)
Leann originally was asked to try out for a role on "The Colbys", but when producers decided she wasn't right for the part, they suggested a role on "Dynasty."
"Originally it was very small. I was to play this girl who followed Adam Carrington from Montana to Denver."
The producers and viewers enjoyed Leann so much that the role was changed and she became a shows' regular. As a result, she earned a nomination from Soap Opera Digest for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a prime time drama in 1988.

Also, Leann appeared on the cover of TV Guide's July 30 - August 5, 1988 issue.

Leann left "Dynasty" at the beginning of the 9th season.
"I look back at that time with a warm feeling. Joan Collins was always lovely to me. Everybody was terrific."










In the 1990s, Leann appeared in various television shows, such as "Matlock" (1990), "The Nanny” (1994), "7th Heaven" (1997) and in 1993,
she appeared in the box office hit, "The Beverly Hillbillies".

One of Leann's most memorable roles was Tamara Jacobs, a high school teacher who had an affair with one of her students on "Dawson’s Creek" (1998-1999).

She went on to play numerous guest roles on hit TV shows such as "Strong Medicine" (2003), "Just Shoot Me" (2003) and "Gilmore Girls" (2005).






In 2007, Leann returned to "Days of our Lives" and brought Anna DiMera back to the screen
after a 21 year absence. The role she seemed destined to play.
Sadly, her return only lasted for 2 years. Leann ended "Days" in March 2009.

If you now think this will be the end of her acting career you are very well mistaken.
Leann has already bounced back. She guest-starred on "Law and Order: SVU"
in the episode "Sugar" on September 30, 2009 and on "NCIS" in the episode
"Mother's Day" on March 2, 2010.









Starting another chapter in the Anna DiMera book:
In December of 2009 Soap Opera Digest revealed Leann's return to "Days".
The return was kept under wraps due to Anna DiMera's involvement in the soap's
big umbrella storyline: The Baby Switch / Sydnapping.

Leann has been on several episodes a week throughout January - May 2010.
For now, June 15th was her last airdate.

We're looking forward to seeing where this storyline leads,
and hope that Anna DiMera is back in Salem to stay.
(Can we get Tony back too please?)

... in the meantime...





Pure Bliss
Leann was cast in independent filmmaker Jennifer Brown-Thomas'
very first film, "Blissful Lies".
Leann plays the lead character Addison Hamilton.
The movie was filmed in Texas in just 3 weeks and is scheduled
for release in Spring 2012.

The cast and crew are outstanding and everyone contributed
their best work possible. It truly shows how much love and hard work
was put into the project. The film comes with a published book, e-book,
soundtrack and many merchandise products.




Leann loves to play golf.
"I play in quite a few charity tournaments. And I love that because I get to go to places that
I never would've seen and experience things. And get some exercise."

Leann also loves living with cats ("They're my sweet babies.")
although she admitted that she developed an allergy to them.
"I never used to be allergic but I think living in LA with the smog might have contributed to it.
I never touch my eyes because I could start itching at any moment or sneezing.
But you can't get rid of your kids!"


















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