The following links have Leann in clips from
the NBC Soap "Days of our Lives"
and also in DOOL montages.

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 Hysterical TANNA Blooper from 2007






Scott's YouTube Channel
dedicated to Anna Brady DiMera
includes 4 playlists with hundreds (!!!) of "Days" clips - all involving Anna

surfergirlCali's YouTube Channel
includes many "Days" clips from the early 1980's

Madelinehawaii's YouTube Channel
with more than 650 videos!
has clips from the beginning of Tanna's first marriage
to Tony's disappearance in 1985
and also lovely montages

ClassicDaysof80's YouTube Channel
includes various 80's Tanna clips

Leah's YouTube Channel
has Tanna montages and clips

meg's YouTube Playlist
with TANNA and TANDRE montages 


















 Selected Goodies (2007-2009)

Anna's Return (June 2007)

Andre and Anna dance at DiMansion (June 2007)

Tony and Anna reunite on the island (July 2007)

The hilarious "contraceptive talk" (February 2008)

TANNA office sex (March 2008)

Kate vs. Anna - flying pans (May 2008)

Tony proposes to Anna (May 2008)
so romantic... you'll need a tissue!

Sleeping Beauty - Tony kisses Anna awake
(August 2008)

Tony & Anna spy on Kate & Stefano #1
Tony & Anna spy on Kate & Stefano #2
(September 2008)

Anna slaps Stefano (April 2009)







 Selected Goodies (2009- )

The Sydnapper gets revealed (Dec 18th 2009)

Stefano calls Anna (Dec 24th 2009)

Anna contacts EJ & Sami (Jan 5th 2010)

EJ is the mastermind - seriously?? (Jan 8th 2010)

Baby Sydney's first steps (Jan 15th 2010)

Anna & Sami #1
Anna & Sami #2
(February 4th 2010)

Rafe interrogates Anna (Feb 17th 2010)

The Anna and Nicole Showdown (March 17th 2010)

 Anna blackmails the Governor #1
Anna blackmails the Governor #2
(March 23rd 2010)

Stefano threatens Anna (April 5th 2010)

The Anna & Calliope Reunion (May 5th 2010)








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