Channel: CBS
Episode 1x06 - “One Way Express”

Original Airdate: February 18th, 1984
Leann Hunley as Meryl
Director: Alan J. Levi
Cast: Jan-Michael Vincent, Ernest Borgnine,
Alex Cord
Genre: Action/Adventure
Runtime: 60 min


Leann's Role:
Leann portrays Meryl, one of Archangel's
(played by Alex Cord) assistants
from "The FIRM".
All "FIRM" personnel is distinctly dressed in white. She is skilled in Aeronautical and Electronic Engineering.


Leann: "I play a brainy ex-CIA type with a 200 IQ who plays with computers. It's real fun because she's different from




Sypnosis [taken from]:
A movie producer hires Santini Air for a dangerous stunt involving the landing of a helicopter onto the roof of a moving semi.
Dom and String nearly come to blows, however, when String tries to convince Dom that his reaction time might not be up to snuff for this particular action sequence. Things get even more dicey when it appears that the production might just be an elaborate cover for a high-stakes gold heist.


Trivia & Facts:
"Airwolf" was filmed at the Universal Studios
in Universal City, CA and produced by Donald P. Bellisario.













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