7th Heaven

Channel: The WB
Episode 1x20 - “Say Good-Bye"
Original Airdate: May 5th, 1997
Leann Hunley as Rachel Grewe
Director: Gabrielle Beaumont
Cast: Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks,
Barry Watson, Jessica Biel, Beverley Mitchell, David Gallagher, Mackenzie Rosman
Genre: Family/Drama
Runtime: 60 min


Synopsis [taken from imdb.com and tv.com]:
Change is in the air as Ruthie decides to say good-bye to her imaginary friend, Hoowie.
Matt faces an unsettling predicament when his mother's divorced friend Rachel makes a pass at him.

Annie gets a call from Rachel, her old high school friend. She tells Annie she is divorced and moved near her. Rachel is introduced to the family. Since she doesn't have a car Matt takes her home. Rachel says that just because she is his mother's friend doesn't mean that they can't go out. At breakfast, Rachel tells Annie she is taking Matt to see a band at night. Mary joins them. Later, at the coffee house Mary is volunteered to sing with the band. While she is singing, Rachel drags Matt on the dance floor. The next day, Rachel shows up to do her laundry. Annie wants to talk about Mary being on stage, but Rachel ends up saying it is not her fault Matt has a crush on her. Annie is confused when Rachel tells her Matt made a pass at her. Eric tells Matt he needs to tell his mother the truth about Rachel being the aggressor toward Matt. During Eric's sermon, he brings in the situation between Matt and Rachel. Finally, Rachel tells Annie the truth about her and Matt. Annie yells at her and tells her to straighten out her life. Rachel apologizes to Matt and he tells her to not give up, she will find a good man.


Leann's Role:
Leann portrays Rachel Grewe, a high school friend of Annie. She is divorced twice and never had any luck with guys. Without a job, a car, a husband and any cooking skills :o) she spends a lot of time at the Camden's. Like so many other characters on the show she disappears forever after this episode.


Annie: Hello?
Rachel: This is your life, Annie Jackson. Do you recognize the voice?
Annie: Rachel? Rachel Grewe?
Rachel: You got it, the one and only.
Annie: Oh my gosh. What a surprise! How long has it been?
Rachel: An eternity. Or high school. They're about the same.
Annie: How are you?
Rachel: Divorced.... again.
Annie: I'm sorry.
Rachel: Oh, I'm not.
Annie: Where are you calling from? Which city? Chicago? New York? Paris?
Rachel: Try Glenoak. I rented an apartment on Front Street.
Annie: That's in our neighborhood.
Rachel: Small world.

Rachel: I just feel so lost. After Frank, I thought I'd go back to college and then I met George, my second husband. He asked me to drop out because he felt school was interfering with our marriage. Which was funny because then I later found out that it was his girlfriend who was interfering with our marriage.
Eric: If Rachel continues to flirt with you, you have to make it clear to her you're not interested.
Matt: What if I am interested?
Eric: I'm sure we could afford to send you to military school for a while.
Matt: Dad.....
Eric: Matt, you're 17 and she's... I don't know what she is. But you're NOT interested! Period. The end.

Rachel: I really don't wanna lose you again. Is there any way I can make this right?
Annie: You can apologize to Matt. And then you can start accepting the fact that maybe if you straightened out your own life the
right man will come along instead of waiting for the right man to come along to straighten out your life.
Rachel: Hard as that is to hear, I know you're right.
Annie: That's what friends are for, to tell you the truth when no one else will.


Trivia & Facts:
While the exterior of the house used is actually a real house, interiors are filmed on sound stages in West Los Angeles.
The show, produced by Aaron Spelling, won a Young Artist Award in 1997 in the category
Best Family TV Drama Series.

























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